Fabulous Ltd. is located in Istanbul and specializes in the production of round clothing and knitted fabrics. Fabulous Textile is continuously expanding and developing in Turkish textile sector with its long years of experience. It has 400 tons of knitted fabric and 2 million piece monthly ready-made clothing production capacity. Fabulous Textile also has yarn trade besides these.

Our capacity is 700 tons per month. Fabulous Tekstil manufactures its products in a very systematic way with textile engineers and 5 skilled technicians who help to prevent all the mistakes that may occur during the production stages.

Our company has large production capacity and especially one of Turkey’s most preferred company with years of accumulated skills and abilities. For example, a significant portion of our orders consist of products from our research and development department. Thanks to its knowledge and continuous R&D studies, our company strives to continuously improve the total quality while reducing unit production costs. Fabulous Textile provides superior quality and fast delivery at very competitive prices.Our company is working in partnership with foreign companies to increase total quality and customer satisfaction. These partnerships enable a vertically integrated company to take advantage of the benefits and communicate them to customers.

In addition, most importantly, it respects the sensitivity of nature and is responsible for the environment.

 Therefore, it is certified by OEKO-tex. No material that is harmful to human health is used in any process of production.

 As a socially responsible company, Fabulous Textile produces for our colleagues in healthy working conditions and with very modern installations.

 Our company’s favorite green color is an indication of respect for nature! Currently, Fabulous Textile works with giant names such as the world brand ZARA, ARCADIA GROUP, RIVER ISLAND…

 Our company is well aware of quality control and the importance of timely production delivery. Therefore, we have directed our departments according to our logic.

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